Mobile is the New Attractive Avenue for the SCAMMERS

Nearly 84 percent of the world’s population now own a smartphone, and our dependence on them is growing all the time. It becomes an unimaginable task to spend a second without your mobile.

What you may or might not know about these devices is that it is surfacing as one of the fastest-growing attack spaces along with all the intelligent benefits.

As per the global report commissioned by private company Zimperium, more than one-fifth of mobile devices have encountered malware. And four in ten mobiles worldwide are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Remember! It just takes One Device to Gain Access to Your Company’s Network.

Businesses may not realize that mobile security may be their weakest link. A cybercriminal must only break into one unprotected mobile device (mobile phone, laptop, or tablet) in a company to access the whole network. This type of intrusion can be crippling to an SMB, costing the company revenue, disrupting its operations, endangering its critically essential data assets, and ruining customer relationships.

What makes mobile devices a great deal of attraction for cybercriminals?

You carry mobile phones wherever you go, exposing them to more networks daily. Not to mention that mobile phones contain a great deal of personal information and give various access to cyber criminals.

Cybercriminals can get your bank details, email, social media accounts, text messages, and other sensitive information by assessing your phone. It is like using one device where cybercriminals can access your personal information.

But how will you keep your mobile phones safe from such cyber-attacks?

By now, you would have known why mobiles are prone to cyber-attacks; therefore, what can you think of doing to ensure that your mobile phones are secure?


Bring more security to your devices by following some essential yet very crucial tips

1. Stay alert for suspicious URL

If you get an email for clicking on a URL to win a prize/ free holiday trip, don’t click! These can lead to cybercrime and may release viruses on your mobile devices.

2. Do check the software you install on the device

You would have noticed that almost all application requires access to your mobile phone’s – photos, contacts, and camera. Don’t click to avoid big trouble until they are from a safer application provider.

3. Do avoid using the accessible WiFi networks

When you connect your device to the free public WiFi network, check with the staff what the network’s official name is and how secure it is. Cyber attackers can introduce fake WiFi access that would look similar to the original word. For instance, “sh0pping mall” instead of “shopping mall”. Such artificial WiFi networks can ask you to provide sensitive information and then, later, sell it on the dark web.

4. Use an anti-malware solution

To manage devices and ensure premier-level security, we recommend installing an anti-malware application for your mobile device. Such devices can give a triggered alarm when it finds something suspicious and wipes off the chances of getting attacked.


Final Verdict

While choosing the right cybersecurity solutions for businesses, make sure you look for answers:

Perimeter Protection

It is a method of threat management that allows you to create a firewall that protects the company networks, systems, and data from external threats – malware, viruses, and many more

Private Network Access

For secure access to specific company apps and data that would need it without opening the entire network

Mobile Device Protection

With cloud-based security solutions, it allows company employees to stay protected irrespective of how or where they access your internet.

Monitoring and Remediation

It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to search PCs, tablets proactively, and servers for threat, quickly detecting issues & providing remediation


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