Dangers of Online Shopping


Online shopping and business platforms are increasing day by day. But unfortunately, social media platforms are crowded with sketchy outfits, apparel, accessories, and even electronic devices. Some businesses are flourishing and authentic, but some are just fooling their customers. Small Businesses are gaining popularity and credibility in the social Media Market, but some are ruining the audience’s mindset with online fraud systems.

Recently, A Man ordered a vlogging kit from a Facebook page and was repeatedly asked to submit a booking amount worth 9500-/ in advance. The phishing calls forced him to pay the amount and go out of sight. Despite his continuous approach, the small business owner provided no information and ghosted him behind the screens.

He is not the only one to experience such fraud, but every day many people are complaining the same. The danger is rising, and the solution to this problem is acute but significant.

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