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Cyber security mesh (CSM)


Do you know about ‘cyber security mesh (CSM)?’


Many enterprises are still clinging to fully centralized IT networks.
Large industries like banks, heavy manufacturing companies, and government organizations find keeping pace with a more distributed model challenging.

The mesh changes the focus to a more modular approach by distributing cyber security policy enforcement across the centralized policy orchestration!


  • CSM is a critical component of a zero-trust network philosophy where any device cannot access the broader network!
  • Threats can be detected in real-time!
  • It protects large-scale applications in an enterprise environment
  • It ensures authorized service and makes an individual request confidential data access!
  • it filters the malicious emails that try to access your sensitive data!


  1. We construct data security based on downstream utility for data access without unnecessarily exposing it.
  2. We create a cyber security mesh that scales as the volume of applications at the data grows.
  3. We help by educating IT workers about the cyber security mesh and how to measure application performance.


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