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We are your trusted cyber security partner!

Our Vision

To become the go to place in Cybersecurity, ERP and Telecom space by creating a platform to deliver solutions and services in a timely and efficient manner.

Our Mission

Aim to simplify the world, by enabling Employees, Customers and Stakeholders using technology

Our Initiative

TSAROLABS Centre of Excellence (COE)

With the uses and needs of the internet growing daily, the risks and dangers associated are also increasing. TSAROLABS offers a range of services to help organizations stay safe and secure in the digital world.

In addition to Cybersecurity Services and Learning and Development Programs, TSAROLABS provides Cloud Solutions, Data Solutions, and Telecom services to ensure that organizations can securely and efficiently manage their data and communications.

COE is an initiative by TSAROLABS to make cyberspace safe yet secure, and also trusted by putting across best practices, standards, and initiatives in cybersecurity, privacy, cloud solutions, data solutions, and telecom services. The program aims to build “SMART and SECURE ORGANIZATION, PEOPLE, PROCESS and ENVIRONMENT” and help organizations stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

Cyber Security services

Cybersecurity is a core business requirement, providing a secure foundation to transform your enterprise and support your business.


Learning & Development

We strive to enhance the Cyber readiness and security posture of the organization and address the cyber security skill challenges.

CoE team of researchers & trainers

Our team consists of Information Security Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), certified professionals, and industry trainers with a cumulative experience of 100+ yrs. in various areas of Cyber Security.  

Our Researchers have worked on extensive projects on Cyber Intelligence, Work Force Violence, Social Media Intelligence Gathering, Deep Web (TOR), Network Security Application Security, Cryptography, TCP/IP Protocols, System Security, Threat Simulation, Data Privacy, Risk Management, Threat Intelligence, Policy and Compliance, Cloud Security, Vulnerability Management.


Why choose TSAROLABS?

Experienced Leadership

Seasoned solution and delivery experts with a cumulative experience of 100+ years who operate as part of your team


Our approach is to deliver enterprise-grade solutions with solid ROI with our design thinking ideologies..

Centre of Excellence

Combines Security Solutions, technology, education and training to enable and empower people and organizations to become Cyber ready and strong

Holistic Approach

Keeping an eye on all factors to mitigate risk and make organization resilient

Industry Best Practices

We follow industry best practices to ensure compliance. We utilize new technologies to guarantee customer success while maximizing success

Rapid time-to-action

Translating insight into action at scale and minimize manual heavy lifting and simplify operations

We adopt secure practices

Tsaro labs were founded in 2017 and are operating in America, the Middle East, and India. As a company, we provide IT solutions and security against cyber threats. We have successfully made our way to secure top companies listed in the Forbes 100. We are proud to provide complete protection for your data to stay free from any cyber attack.

We Believe in what you believe in

Nothing is more relieving than being carefree, and Tsaro Labs helps you to achieve significant relaxation from the forever fear of someone spying on your privacy. We are solely responsible for the work provided so that the client gets quality work in every possible way.

Safe, Secure, and Private

In this digital world, securing data is the most important yet challenging thing to achieve, but Tsaro Labs understands the work and is reliable in ensuring the data of its client without getting it misused in any possible way.

Everyone deserves a little extra

We try to add a cherry on the top. As a company, our motive is to keep our clients satisfied with quality service and to prove that we often add efforts to get ahead of their expectations.

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