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Security and Privacy for Telecom World

Ensure highly available, globally secure, protected services and telecommunication to customers


Importance of Establishing Security and Trust for the Telecom Industry

The Telecommunication industry enables connections around the world. Be it private communications or Business interactions, the telecom industry helps us to stay connected and initiate and execute day-to-day issues that require the medium of communication. Therefore, the Telecom Industry has become a vital part of our lives and deals with business and individuals’ requirements. Telecom companies build, control, and operate critical infrastructure and applications widely used to communicate and store large amounts of sensitive data. Thus, because of this accessibility, they often fall under the radar of cyberattacks and malware dysfunction. In recent years, technology has developed significantly. The world holds remarkable growth, so the threat landscape has been through many changes. The threat of Cyber-attacks against the telecom industry is significant. Given that this industry controls a vast majority of complex and critical national infrastructure, the impact of a successful attack is not only substantial but extensive. Telecommunication threat maps and cyber risk systems are merging. The attack’s size and scope can significantly damage the organization’s reputation and the infrastructure’s confidentiality. It can further fuel customer concerns about privacy, becoming a significant issue for the entire telecom sector. Hence, protecting the digital environments and critical infrastructure from emerging cyber threats is imperative. Our security experts at @TSAROLABS can help you build a proactive approach to privacy and information protection, an incident response plan with clear roles and responsibilities, regular risk assessments, and implementing cybersecurity frameworks (CSFs)

Rising Security Threats in the Telecom Sector


Next-Gen Security Solutions

We provide battle tested and industry proven solutions to empower and safeguard organizations against most pervasive Cyber threats. We cater to all industries-Small Medium and Large scale, without compromise to address the most critical security challenges, whether in networked, application, infrastructure ,cloud, or mobile environments.
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Cyber Security

Support to rapidly Identify, detect, control, and respond to the latest threats 24/7

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Cyber Security Advisory Services

Build Security Programs and Processes from ground up or based on the maturity of your environment, either On-Premises or in the Cloud.

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Managed Security Services

Expert help to manage and monitor your choice of security technologies

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Epicor ERP Solutions

Streamline and optimize manufacturing operations so you can prioritize customers, employees, and business growth.



Our best-in-class technology caters to the complex solution and provides unmatched services to our customers.


Cloud Solutions

TSAROLABS provides cloud services that offer flexible, reliable, and high-performance solutions for hosting, managing, and delivering applications and services over the internet.

Value for Telecom Sector

Stay ahead of the curve by combined cyber security solutions and consulting.

Leverage analytics and real time security alerts and monitoring with SIEM system.

Reduce Financial cost and dwell time by centralized SOC defense team.

Build strong defense workforce through cyber education training.

Integration of all business aspects with ERP

Multi-layered Protection against insider threats with robust identity and access management

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