Redefining Application Security

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Protecting Applications inside-out

Due to their significant value, business-critical applications are the crown jewels of the organizations. But, unfortunately, more than 73% of the breaches occur at the application level. Hence all technologists need to look at how they can protect the application from the inside-out.

Today, application security requires continuous real-time assessment while giving context, visibility, and control as part of the overall security solution. Therefore, an application-first approach must be adequately deployed, monitored, and maintained, enabling the security teams and IT teams to identify vulnerabilities and threats within the application during the production level and protect the application against attacks in real-time.

At TSAROLABS we facilitate organizations identify the security gaps in applications with our intelligent approach. It is the combination of both automated and manual efforts along with custom test cases uniquely streamlined to your businesses and industries. We deliver the best results to address the worst threats of today and prepare you for tomorrow.

Security Approach

Our Offerings

Our Application Security approach identifies the vulnerabilities on your Applications hosted On-Premises/Cloud and attempt to exploit them.

Mobile Application Pen Testing

Do not compromise on security. Make sure of faster action of mobile application.

Web Application Pen Testing

Are you sure your organization is well-checked for cyber-attacks and other vulnerabilities? Discover more on WAP testing with TSAROLABS.

Secure Code Review

Give a code-based audit and set up the best security practices.


The application automates security at each step of the software development lifecycle by enabling a secure software development at the pace of Agile and DevOps.

Value for Businesses

10x Faster Testing

Removes Bottlenecks by testing End-to-End features

Accelerate GDPR Compliance

Improve compliance with industry and government regulations

OWASP top 10 ,DOS and DDOS Protection

Unpatched Software Vulnerabilities Protection

Reduce Risk and attack surface

In-depth analysis of app security architectures and capability to fight the threats

Cost Reduction

Reduce defects early in the SDLC to reduce the cost of fixing

Complete Post care for effective Risk Remediation.

Application security training for development and Innovation

Onsite or online help to establish enterprise-grade security and software development

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