Cyber Security for Healthcare and Pharma

Protect your electronic information and assets from unverified access, use and disclosure.


Importance of Cyber Security In healthcare

The transition to digital, expedited by the Covid-19 pandemic, has opened up new cybersecurity concerns. With lockdowns and physical distancing measures, pharma companies rapidly moved towards remote working and cloud-based systems. But unfortunately, they created a perfect storm for cybercrime, giving hackers the means and the motivation to step up their criminal activities.

Health care organizations are vulnerable and targeted by cyberattacks because they possess data of tremendous financial delegates and intelligence value to cyber thieves and nation-state actors. There is a significant rise in cyber-threats in the healthcare industry. Cybersecurity plays an essential role in keeping the PII, PHI, Medical Infrastructure, Networks, and many digital complexes like EHRs, e-prescribing and decision support systems, intelligent heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), infusion pumps, medical internet of things (IoT)devices, etc. secured. Cybercriminals buy leaked data and then, via various social engineering methods, trap people and make them victims of cyber or financial fraud. Hackers’ access to the data of private patients not only provides them the possession to steal personal information but creates the fear of intentional or unintentional alteration of the data. This alteration of information could severely affect patient health and outcomes.

Our security experts at @TSAROLABS can help you build a proactive approach to privacy and information protection, an incident response plan with clear roles and responsibilities, regular risk assessments, and implementing cybersecurity frameworks (CSFs).

Protecting Healthcare, Medical Devices, and Patients from Unprecedented Challenges


Unpatched software


Denial of Service DDOS


Mobile health applications and equipment attacks (mhealth)


Loss or damage of internal records


Attack on IoT Medical Devices


Business Email Compromise (BEC)


PII and Data Breaches


Lack of Access Control


Attack Surface






Man in Middle Attacks


Insider Threats


Authorization and Authentication Threats

Next-Gen Security Solutions

We provide battle tested and industry proven solutions to empower and safeguard organizations against most pervasive Cyber threats. We cater to all industries-Small Medium and Large scale, without compromise to address the most critical security challenges, whether in networked, application, infrastructure ,cloud, or mobile environments.
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Cyber Security

Support to rapidly Identify, detect, control, and respond to the latest threats 24/7

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Cyber Security Advisory Services

Build Security Programs and Processes from ground up or based on the maturity of your environment, either On-Premises or in the Cloud.

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Managed Security Services

Expert help to manage and monitor your choice of security technologies


Cloud Transformation

TSAROLABS provides cloud services that offer flexible, reliable, and high-performance solutions for hosting, managing, and delivering applications and services over the internet.

Data Services

Data Services

Our team of experienced data professionals offers a wide range of services, including data analysis, data cleansing, data migration, data integration, and more.


BSS & OSS Transformation

Our best-in-class technology caters to the complex solution and provides unmatched services to our customers.

Value for Healthcare

Stay ahead of the curve by combined cyber security solutions and consulting.

Leverage analytics and real time security alerts and monitoring with SIEM system.

Reduce Financial cost and dwell time by centralized SOC defense team.

Build strong defense workforce through cyber education training.

Integration of all business aspects with ERP

Multi-layered Protection against insider threats with robust identity and access management

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