5 Reasons Why Mid- & Small-size Businesses are Affected More by Malware Attacks

We read about increasing cyberattacks and the new ways cybercriminals employ to steal data, corrupt systems or gain access to a company’s database every day. Most of the news that reaches us is about large, renowned companies that have been victims of cybercrime. Malware attacks, including adware, ransomware, trojans, viruses and more, are commonly observed in business scapes all around the world. But it is pivotal to understand that while we read about big companies being the victims, mid & small-size businesses are equally the targets of cybercriminals.

The reason is simple – the data in these companies is not adequately protected, making it easy for the criminal to steal or destroy it. Malware attacks may harm these companies more due to delayed actions and lack of safety walls, affecting a big part of their resources and infrastructure. Mid & small-cap companies have become easy targets for malware attacks in the past few years.

Knowing and understanding malware will safeguard organizations from being compromised. Here’s a small guide on the types of attacks frequently faced by SMEs & MMEs:

1.  Adware

Pop-up ads or random ads on phones, emails, or certain websites may redirect the user to advertising websites, where a cybercriminal may steal all the data without consent. Not all ads are legitimate. Right awareness and careful surfing may prevent employees from falling bait to adware attacks.

2. Ransomware:

This attack may come in many forms, but it usually ends up in the user (in this case, the organization) paying a ransom to gain back access to their own data. Over 90% of ransomware attacks happen through emails. So, making the employees aware of email safety hygiene, regular data backups and storing the data on separate networks will help reduce the effect of the attack. Also, strong security suites on all computers matching international standards will help avoid and identify malware attacks altogether.

3. Credential Stealing:

Various types of malware can be used to steal the credentials of the employees and clients by cyber-criminals. Moreover, the reuse of the same credentials across multiple platforms multiplies the effect of the attack. Therefore, regularly changing the passwords, multi-factor authentication, and the use of different credentials across different platforms can help secure the company’s data to some extent.

Malware attacks can be used to take control of sensitive data, confidential information about the company or financial data. Robust cybersecurity solutions and following standard cyber hygiene will help protect the company and its resources. Our experts can always help you find the solutions and safety you are looking for. Connect with us today!

Also, remember to stay updated; as cybercriminals find new ways to attack our systems, we should adapt similarly to protect them.

Threat Hunt & Safety – Know Your Defenses against Malware

Malware is a piece of software that enters your system through an infected website, email attack, ads or apps and is designed to damage, destroy or steal data from your systems. It is malicious software and comes in the form of adware, spyware, trojans, bots, viruses or ransomware. There are preventive tools that can be used to protect you against malware.

Malware Protection

There are various anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall security systems that are used by businesses to protect against malware. But when the software used to attack is complex and advanced, it can easily break through these systems. In such cases, multiple layers of security, as well as experts at TSARO Lab, can help you protect your systems and data optimally.

Malware Response

Once the malware enters your network and system, the first security step is to detect the breach. The next step involves identifying the type of malware and the exact software breaching your system. While anti-viruses may help with basic data breaches, advanced malware attacks will need expert intervention.


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