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Supply Chain Attacks

Supply chain attacks are diverse and impact various industries. For example, the manufacturing industry has witnessed massive cyber security attacks by tampering with a company’s manufacturing processes, either by hardware or software. Due to the weak links in the supply chain, criminals get access to organization data and systems to infiltrate overall digital infrastructure.

Installing Malware at any stage of the supply chain can cause either disruptions or outages of an organization’s services. Therefore, manufacturers must be aware of many familiar sources of supply chain attacks, for example, commercial software, open-source supply chains, and foreign products.

How can manufacturers detect a supply chain attack?

  • Building a systematic verification process for every possible pathway into a system. An inventory of all the assets and data pathways within a supply chain should be made, which should help detect potential security gaps within a system.
  • To create a threat model of the organization’s environment. The threat models can include assigning assets to adversary categories.
  • Cyber security training for the workforce and top management must be deployed to timely identify, respond to, and monitor the threats.

How can TSARO Labs help manufacturers Mitigate the Risk of Supply Chain Attacks?

  • Evaluate the Risk of Third Parties by complying with appropriate cybersecurity regulations, conducting self-assessments and audits, and investing in proper cyber insurance.
  • Limit Users’ Ability to Install Shadow IT (Unapproved Software) and Audit Unapproved Shadow IT Infrastructure
  • Include Appropriate Termination Clauses in Vendor Contracts
  • Review Access to Sensitive Data
  • Secure IoT Devices
  • Continually Monitor and Review Cybersecurity
  • Build Secure Software Updates as Part of the Software Development Life Cycle
  • Use Strong Code Integrity Policies To Allow Only Authorized Apps To Run
  • Using client-side protection tools to filter downloaded content, looking for—and stopping—malicious code before it gets installed on a machine on your network.

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