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Understanding the Types of Cyber Threats – A Brief Summary

The digital world is expanding, and so are the cyber threats that come with it. There are many online risks, from network intrusions and privacy violations to viral phishing and malicious attacks. Consequently, no one, not even the most well-heeled companies or the most technologically-superior titans, are shielded from these cyber threats.

Simply put, cyber or cybersecurity threats are deliberate attempts to damage, steal, or disrupt digital life in some way. DoS attacks, computer viruses, data breaches are some of the most common types of cyber-attacks that you would have heard of. For organizations, regulatory fines, litigations, reputational harm, and disruptions to business continuity are all potential consequences of cyberattacks, in addition to massive financial losses. Today, individuals and enterprises are always at the risk of losing their confidential information and vital assets to cybercriminals who continue to use increasingly sophisticated technologies.

Despite the fact that the number and variety of cyber threats are always mounting, there are a few that modern businesses should be mindful of. The most common types include:

– Malware: Malware is computer software that performs harmful actions on a network or
a device, such as distorting information or gaining access to a system

– Ransomware: Malware known as ‘ransomware’ uses encryption to hold a victim’s data hostage until a ransom is paid. The cybercriminal demands a ransom to decrypt the databases, files or apps that have been encrypted.

– Data Breaches: A data breach occurs when an unauthorized intruder gains access to secret, sensitive, or otherwise protected information

– Trojans: Malicious software that appears to be legal but can take over your computer is called a ‘Trojan’ or ‘Trojan horse. A Trojan horse corrupts, destroys, robs, or in some way damages your data or system. To dupe you, a Trojan disguises itself smartly as harmless.

– Phishing: An email, instant chat, or text message scam when an attacker poses as a well-known company or person to access personal information such as email passwords, credit card details etc., refers to phishing. Scammers attempt to get access to personal information by sending communications that look legitimate.

– Man in the Middle Attack: A cyber thief can get in between a machine and a server to steal data. This is more like eavesdropping in the digital world.

– Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attack: DoS assaults occur when a hostile event seeks to disrupt the availability of an asset. Many different kinds of attacks fall under this umbrella category.

A wide range of individuals, sites and circumstances might pose a threat to your cyber safety and security. By adopting robust and proactive countermeasures and evolving security measures faster, people and organizations can become more self-aware in protecting personal and sensitive information. A safe and orderly digital environment necessitates the presence of good cyber security. While you go digital, stay cyber safe!


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