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Devsecops as a service

Increase enterprise agility, shorten release cycle and enhance cyber security.


DevSecOps is the modern name for Development, Security, and Operations

With over 500 plus mobile application testing done over the last four years, our team at TSARO LABS has acquired unmatched exposure to diversified scenarios with severe possibilities that can lead to various vulnerabilities in the field of mobile applications. That is why we are engaged in each step of your SDLC and embedding security into your business workflow. We automate all required types of pen testing and deploy all required tools that the attackers use. We also optimize manual penetration testing approaches that ensure every aspect from the perspective of a real-time attacker.

What are the benefits of DevSecOps?

Speed and security are the primary benefits. As a result, development teams deliver better, more-secure code faster and, therefore, cheaper.

“The core purpose and the primary intent of DevSecOps are to create a mindset that everyone is responsible for safely distributing security decisions at great speed and scale to those who hold the highest level of context without sacrificing upon the safety.

Rapid, cost-effective software delivery

Security problems can lead to substantial time delays when software gets developed in a non-DevSecOps environment. In addition, fixing the code and security issues can take more than the required time with add-on expenses. Therefore, it saves time and reduces cost.

Repeatable and an adaptive process

As organizations progress and mature, their security postures too, matures. DevSecOps plays an essential role as a repeatable and adaptive process. It ensures that security is applied consistently across the environment as it changes and adapts to new requirements. A mature implementation of DevSecOps will have solid automation, configuration management, orchestration, containers, immutable infrastructure, and serverless computing environments.

Security vulnerability Patching acceleration

One of the critical benefits of DevSecOps is that it quickly addresses the newly identified security vulnerabilities with its integrated vulnerability scanning and patching into the release cycle. As a result, identifying and fixing common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) is diminished.

Improved and a proactive security

DevSecOps showcases cybersecurity processes from the beginning of the development cycle. As a result, the code is well reviewed, audited, scanned, and tested throughout the development cycle. As a result, the security problem is fixed before additional dependencies are introduced. Additionally, it sets a better collaboration between development, security, and operations teams and improves an organization's response to incidences and problems. It reduces the time to patch the vulnerabilities and frees security teams to focus on higher-value work.

Automation compatible in the era of modern technology

The cybersecurity testing can be integrated into an automated test suite for organizations using a continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline to ship its software. Automation of security checks depends upon the project and organizational goal. It can ensure that the incorporated software dependencies are at appropriate patch levels and confirm that the software passes through the security unit testing. Additionally, it can test and secure codes with the static and the dynamic analysis before the production.

DevSecOps and TSARO LABS

The organizations that work on DevSecOps tools and practices build a robust foundation for the digital transformation and to modernize their applications as the need for automation widens across business and IT operations.

Moving further, great automation should start with small and measurably successful projects that can be scaled and optimized for other processes and other parts of organizations.
Working with TSARO LABS, you’ll get access to AI-powered automation capabilities, including intelligent prebuilt workflows that free up teams to focus on the most critical IT issues and accelerate innovation.

Frequently Asked Question

Modern software development leverages an agile-based SDLC to accelerate the growth and the delivery of software releases that includes updates and fixes. DevOps and DevSecOps make use of the agile framework for various purposes. While DevOps focuses on the speed of app delivery,

DevSecOps does augment the pace along with security by delivering secure and quick apps. DevSecOps aims to promote the fast development of a secure codebase.
In DevSecOps – security is the shared responsibility of all the stakeholders in the chain. DevSecOps involves – ongoing, flexible collaboration in the development and release management/operations and the security teams.

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