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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Uncover critical vulnerabilities and bug fixing in Android and IOS apps with VAPT.


Security is the secret and the essential ingredient in any organization's workflow

With over 500 plus mobile application testing done over the last four years, our team at TSARO LABS has acquired unmatched exposure to diversified scenarios with severe possibilities that can lead to various vulnerabilities in the field of mobile applications. That is why we are engaged in each step of your SDLC and embedding security into your business workflow. We automate all required types of pen testing and deploy all required tools that the attackers use. We also optimize manual penetration testing approaches that ensure every aspect from the perspective of a real-time attacker.

The common vulnerabilities we tackled in the past

Low-grade code obfuscation

Information leakage

Unsecure communication

Unsecure data storage

Remote execution of code


Leakage of source code

Security misconfiguration

Unauthorized access to the website

No SSL certificate pinning

Our Methodology

MAP test emulates an attack targeting a custom mobile application (iOS and/or Android). It focuses on enumerating all vulnerabilities within an app, ranging from binary compile issues and improper sensitive data storage to more application-based traditional problems such as username. We have tried putting an outline of the standards, tools, and processes that TSARO LABS engineers follow while completing a MAP assessment

Standard Tools

Open web application security project (owasp) testing guide
OWASP mobile security testing guide (MSTG)

OWASP mobile application security checklist

OWASP Top 10 2017 – The ten most critical web application security risks
Technical guide to information security testing and assessment (NIST 800-115)
The penetration testing execution standard (PTES)

The Process

Frequently Asked Question

Also known as the ‘pen test’, it is a method to evaluate the effectiveness of any organization’s security controls. The testing is carried out under controlled conditions and simulates scenarios representing what a real-time attacker would attempt. Upon gap identification, the test goes beyond basic vulnerability scanning to further determine how an attacker would escalate access to sensitive information, financial data, intellectual property, or any other data.
  • Many regulatory standards require penetration tests.
  • It can identify vulnerabilities inadvertently that are introduced during changes to the environment
  • It can be integrated into the QA process of the Software Development Life Cycle .
  • Organizations as data custodians are more vulnerable, therefore, it is required to have testing performed
  • It is a common requirement for internal due diligence and the results can be used as input into an ongoing Risk Management process.
  • It allows companies to assess the security controls of potential acquisition targets to seek insights into the vulnerabilities they may introduced.

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