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Web Application Penetration Testing

Make use of your penetration testing as your first line of defense.


Building secure web applications

We have tested more than 5000 web applications in the last four years. WAP has offered our team-wide exposure to various scenarios, which helped us assess application vulnerabilities effectively and quickly. As a result, we developed a penetration testing process powered by adapting the OWASP methodology. We get involved at every step of your SDLC until embedding web application security into your organization’s workflow. We develop and believe in building a long-term strategy to tackle the comprehensive architectural security of your web apps.


Our Methodology

At TSARO LABS, we have adopted a hybrid approach combined with the OWASP methodology for penetration testing. It helps us build custom test cases around the business logic of an application, which varies from application to application. As a result, we ensure thorough end-to-end web application security.




Build test cases


Deploy scanners


Manual penetration test


Report generation

The common vulnerabilities that are addressed

Accounts takeover

Subdomain takeover

Blind XSS to compromise admin panels

Sensitive Info leakage on public repos

Remote code executions

Source code leakage

Broken authentication

Broken session management

Broken access control

Cross-Site request forgery

Secure your web applications to get peace-of-mind

Protect your systems from attack

In post-pandemic internet age, protecting your systems from attack is next to mission critical to mission immpossible
Its time to detect & prevent attacks before it commences. You stay ahead of the rapidly evolving threat landscape and keep your data protected without having to spend a fortune.

Know your benefits

In-depth assessment of the vulnerabilities that may impact your application
Detailed report during the penetration testing with an overview to understand the web application security against real-time attackers
24/7 team support from TSARO LABS

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