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Fear within fear and the need to overcome it


With each passing day, the threat, as well as the understanding of Cyber Security, is increasing. We have a large section of people smart enough to understand the danger hanging around our heads, but the problem is getting advanced and technical too. The threat is getting alarmingly treacherous, and the cases are not stopping despite continuous efforts.

Recently, I was in an Uber, and the Bhaiyaji was tense because of a fraud call.
I asked him about what had happened, and he was embarrassed to share that he had received a call and mentioned the credentials of his PhonePe account.

He deliberately started calling his relatives and immediately sent all his money to a different bank account. I explained to him the importance of a bank account and password and how vital it is not to share it with anybody else.

Working in a Marketing Firm, I have acknowledged the importance of Cyber Security. One of our clients TSARO LABS is working towards securing Networks and establishing a world with no Cyber Fraud and crime breaching the personal data of millions of people worldwide.
As a company, it initiates value for Cyber Security which is the basic need of the hour.

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