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With the increase in online users day by day, online fraud cases are also increasing. There isn’t any stop at the number of online tragedies. Small Businesses are trying too hard to maintain their space in the market but are often looted by fake customers.

TSARO Labs is a new-age IT solutions company that bridges all your security needs. It adopts a robust security strategy to identify, detect, and analyze threats and promptly respond to incidents.Tsaro Labs offers practical cyber Advice and strategize services for a seamless security purpose. Tsaro Labs stands at a success rate of 95% in terms of Project completion. The company provides 90% customer satisfaction with more than 500 million of assets value managed.


Nowadays fraudsters dupe customers through online sales platforms and pose as purchasers and express an interest in the seller’s product(s). Also, to acquire trust, several fraudsters pose as defense personnel stationed in remote regions.

These fraudsters instead of paying the seller, use the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) app’s “request money” option and demand that the seller authorize the request by entering the UPI PIN. Money is transferred to the fraudster’s account once the seller inputs the PIN.

How can Tsaro Labs Help?

We offer solutions based on cutting-edge technologies. A few of the solutions that are most effective are as follows:


This approach guarantees better ROI with control of the identified threats!


With TSARO Labs, you’ll get
For your business, employees, or personal benefits, TSARO Labs is the perfect fit for Cyber Security Purposes. Cyber security breaches can strike anytime, putting your entire organization at risk. With increased sophisticated attacks happening nearly every day, every organization is vulnerable to cybersecurity risk and should take necessary measures to mitigate threats before they become successful attacks.

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