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Our Telecom BSS Services

Think of TSAROLABS while you think of innovation. Our best-in-class technology caters to the complex solution and provides unmatched services to our customers. Get the benefit from our creation, broad reach, service level guarantees, and scale of operations. Our unrivaled experience and expertise back us up.

TSAROLABS BSS tries to solve problems faced by the Telecom Industry. It enables CSPs to put their customers where they should be – at the heart of their digital business. Telecom clients can now benefit from first-class customer care, an attractive online sales portal, and intuitive mobile apps.

Additionally, Telecom providers wish to replace third-party modules or enrich the potential of products already in place with surplus Service Orchestration, Service Fulfillment, and Field Service Management. We are perfectly in place to lend our expertise in integration to offer a modular solution and expose an open API. Additionally, to keep our cloud-native products up to date, we provide delivery in the SaaS or on-premises private cloud model.



TSAROLABS BSS portfolio includes a wide array of telecom BSS components and solutions, from product catalog to mediation to charging and billing.

TSARO Platform for Digital-Monetization

Well optimized and streamed real-time customer support catering to the billing system for prepaid and postpaid plans and evolved to meet operators' increasing demand for end-to-end "best-in-suite" solutions that combine powerful business performance with cost-efficient operations management and deployment.

TSARO Charging

It is a scalable, flexible solution with a robust user-experience focus, enabling real-time convergent charging, decoupling, and fast service creation.


TSARO Catalog Enabler

Our Product catalog management and elegant design tools enable you to create products and services from the reusable product, service, and resource components.


As a part of our Digital BSS suite, we offer an end-to-end billing system for all types of communications service providers: mobile, fixed-line, broadband, TV provider, digital provider, and OTT (Over The Top)

TSARO-Order Care

TSARO order care automates product and service order management through validation, decomposition, routing, and status tracking. It also offers fallout management, which can handle exceptions and notifications.


TSARO- Wallet

Diversify your product offerings and boost your customer base with banking beyond banks. Our mobile wallet solution lets people efficiently conduct banking transactions from their mobile devices. We offer technology, deployment, and operational benefits with all needed expertise for Wallet Platform in a DevOps setup enabling a fast and reliable solution.



With our mediation solution, you get one data mediation environment that covers both BSS-related and OSS-related mediation. As a result, it further reduces IT costs and gives the data you need to provide a consistent, high-quality customer experience.

TSARO - Digital-Experience-Platform

It offers a consistent, secure, personalized solution with access to information and applications across various digital touchpoints. It allows customers to have a smooth, contextualized, and intelligent interaction with the service provider across all channels.

Other Key Telecom Service Offerings

The Digital & The Analytics

This service helps design and build key platform components of customers’ Digital-Technology-Footprint to fuel the digital transformation journey.

IoT Solutions

We create and provide services that deliver measurable business outcomes that play a pivotal role in differentiating enterprises, and that can enable them to become a 21st-century enterprise

Application based Services

We offer our clients a complete lifecycle of systems integration consulting services with a strategic approach to providing the right solutions for their business needs.

Infrastructure Service Solution

We offer some of the most impressive and best-in-class credentials in the IT Vendor landscape along with complex global IT transformation exercises by facilitating them to run efficient IT services

TSARO Engineering / R&D Services

We are growing faster, keeping pace with the present digital transformation. We work with a global engineering service provider with R&D engineering companies across various regions.

Oracle Communication

  • Network & Resource Management
  • Activation Solutions by Oracle ASAP & Oracle IPSA
  • Oracle OSM (COM, SOM, TOM, OTM, Cloud Native)
  • Rapid Service Design & Order Delivery Solution [RSDOD]
  • Oracle BRM & Oracle Monetization Cloud
  • Service Network Orchestration (SNO)
  • GBU Products across Globe Implementation

Milestone Achieved by TSAROLABS Team

OSM / OTM Solution Implementation at SaskTel
BRM Solution Implementation at CapGemini
Oracle Network Integrity implementation at Mediacom US
Oracle RSDOD implementation at OTE Greece
Oracle Metasolv support and migration for ZAYO
Network Activation Solution at Hawaiian Telcom US
Oracle OSM & UIM implementation at OTE Greece
Network Integrity implementation at OTE Greece

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