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Check the top 5 Cyber Security trends in 2023!

As attacks proliferated with potential penalties, both regulatory and in terms of loss of customer trust, have increased, cyber security has become a priority at every organizational level.

The “glamorous” side of the business is sometimes threats from hostile foreign states or devious, tech-savvy criminal masterminds!

A shift to home and remote working culture and the Inter of Things (IoT) has made the ecosystem more vulnerable to lax security.

In all circumstances, threats are just as likely to emerge due to improperly secured networks leaving sensitive data exposed or unwary or indiscreet employees using non-secured devices while working from home.

So what are the FIVE Cyber Security Trends in 2023?

A) Work-from-home cybersecurity: a priority for businesses.

Millions of devices have been used for home and remote work ever since the pandemic. Earlier, it was easy for the IT team to set up spyware and malware on the system. But, in 2023, when workers are more likely to use personal devices for remote connections of work networks, a new set of challenges can knock on your door!

B) Cloud security and IoT

Gartner predicts 43 billion IoT-connected devices will be worldwide in 2023. Attackers can often find ways to use IoT-enabled devices as gateways to access other networked devices. Many governmental initiatives are planned to check on this possible issue!

C) Attackers target businesses as well as governments

The best aspect to consider here is that in 2023, more than 70 countries will hold governmental elections. As a result, attackers/hackers become super active while trying to take confidential information leading to disinformation campaigns on social media.

D) AI in Cyber Security

It has become increasingly more work for human cybersecurity experts to react to and predict where the most dangerous attacks will occur next. But, as per IBM, AI and automation can efficiently detect and respond to data breaches. According to some reliable sources, AI cybersecurity products will be worth close to $139 billion – a nearly tenfold increase in the value of the 2021 market.

E) Security – awareness culture

Creating threat awareness with basic precautions to ensure safety should stay the top priority of everyone’s job description in 2023!

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